lanostrastoriaThe company was born in 1969 in Milan. It was established by Munari Sergio and is specialized in injection molding of thermoplastic resins. In 1978 the company equipped the first workshop for the injection moulds manufacture as well as the service and maintenance of already existing equipment. In 1989 the company moved to the current premises and in 1993 finally becomes Munari S.r.l.

Our activity is remained the same over the years but with steady growth and progress both in production capability and quality of deliveries and an ongoing improvement of the equipment.

We have experience in injection molding of plastic materials and manufacture of moulds and we provide advanced tools for plastic components production. We are well introduced on the national territory with small and medium size companies and as well as big industries. But our presence also widens globally to foreign markets such as China, India, Germany, UK, Russia and Middle East.

scorcio-di-magazzinoMunari S.r.l. is the ideal partner for all companies looking for high quality injection moulding, covering all processes in the plastic processing. Most of our customers are multinational companies, which explains our attitude at working at high levels of quality and control. Our processes, quality and on-time deliveries are so appreciated by our customers that consider Munari S.r.l. as a partner and not just as a simple supplier.