IOS app developers use Swift, whereas Android app developers use Java or Kotlin. Different mobile operating systems are popular depending on the country one wants to target. In understanding which operating system to code for, you should first understand the distribution and demographics of your target audience. Publishing apps on the Google Play Store is known to be easier than doing so on the Apple App Store. IOS app store approval is notoriously difficult because Apple’s rules and regulations are more stringent than Google’s. Apple’s tooling, signing and capabilities, and review process is often more extensive.

Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree is another example of a great mobile application that has earned significant value over the years. The app lets the users bypass the restrictions and even firewalls while surfing the internet anonymously. Subscription apps are another great medium of earning money through in-app purchases. Although the Tinder app is free for anyone to download, it charges the users for its features, such as unlimited swipes. This feature gives the users unlimited opportunities to find a match.

Do iOS or Android apps make more money

App developers usually use the navigation bar to write the name of the screen. On the other hand, cross-platform product will lack in terms of flexibility and rich features compared to a native app. There are several ways to manage controllers – a developer can write them in code or organize images in a storyboard and store it as an XML file. This way, the development pace increases while the risk of errors reduces. However, you can rarely find developers specializing both in Android and iOS development.

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Check what monetization methods your competitors are using because you share the same target audience. By studying them, you can easily find out which strategies are the most effective to earn money in your niche. This method involves promoting a product and earning income each time you drive a customer towards that product. For instance, you can promote another app or website using popup ads and earn money for each newly registered user.

Do iOS or Android apps make more money

So once the platform choice is made, most of them don’t have a need to compare the above-mentioned IDEs. IOS developers, on the other hand, rely on the proprietary XCode tool. The Apple-backed solution provides a variety of bug fixing tools, supports the entire range of iOS devices, and is easy to get around. He’s a proven sales leader with 20+ years of experience in SMB, MM & ENT level sales markets, with more than a decade in the SaaS segment. Nic specializes in leadership, hiring, training, developing, and optimizing growing sales teams.

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The data generally contains users’ email addresses, social media accounts, and personal preferences. There is a number of platforms providing software to install into your app. The best example of this model is Chartboost and Playhaven.

Do iOS or Android apps make more money

IOS, on the other hand, has convenient developer programs for releasing proprietary technologies. The interfaces of Google Play Market and App Store are similar – both have a home page with application listings, filters that help users to navigate and search for apps. There are a few types of such used for app development – page view, tab, split view controllers, and so on. A view controller can control an entire screen or one of its parts. Android apps are developed using partition – a coding team will have to break the app down to fragments and activities. An activity is equivalent to one app screen – in case a developer has a project with multiple screens, he’ll end up managing dozens of activities.

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While there is a general belief that premium apps don’t make money because users don’t want to spend, that’s actually untrue. In 2017, Paid apps accounted for nearly $250 Billion in revenue. So when start working with a reliable mobile app development firm, you should take the app structure and target audience into consideration before choosing the monetization strategy.

You can get paid every time an ad is displayed , per click on the ad, and when a user installs the advertised app. Being a free version app, you can also run ad campaigns to generate ad revenue for a specific period of time. To do so, you don’t just need to optimize your app for Android, but also for OneUI. This means writing additional lines of code and spending more time in quality assurance. All this extra effort combined pushes the launch date of your app further back, but Apple users can enjoy your app earlier. That’s why social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok work really well on iPhones and other Apple devices, but not so much on Android ones.

Even though MyFitnessPal and Fitbit were not in the top 10 most downloaded health & fitness apps, they’ve captured a large audience that is willing to pay for premium services. TikTok was the top grossing app of 2022, generating $2.05 billion, with revenues increasing by 17.5%. Finding the right mix of monetization strategies for your app to make money is a critical piece of the puzzle that decides your business success. But don’t you worry, here’s a perspective to guide you through your decision making process. This is probably why your priority should be focusing on the right considerations before building your business application.

IOS apps generally require less development time and are cheaper to build and maintain than Android apps. Trying to publish an app for both iOS and Android at the same time leads to technical issues, expensive costs, and many more challenges. A few years ago, cross-platform development tools were used as a shortcut that would speed up the development process, but were known to compromise the quality or speed of an app.

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Developers conventionally earn well in the app domain since there is a consistent demand for apps to be developed. Having said that, opting to become a developer for Android apps will allow you to potentially earn more since the average salary for Android developers is around $97,600. The higher earning potential here is quite understandable since Android has a lot more users and higher market penetration than iOS. Another great example of how mobile applications are making money is Bumble. This close competitor of Tinder has a user base of over 50 million and an impeccable growth rate of 135%. However, the main difference between Tinder and Bumble is that Bumble is specially meant for women only.

  • Less coding means cutting costs in terms of time and money for developing an app for iOS products like the iPhone or the iPad.
  • A key challenge presented by a cross-platform approach, however, is ensuring that behavior is consistent across both iOS and Android.
  • You can sell merchandise relevant to your target audience to earn money.
  • App developers usually use the navigation bar to write the name of the screen.
  • Developers conventionally earn well in the app domain since there is a consistent demand for apps to be developed.

This integrated development environment has cross-platform support, high readability, a wide range of development and debugging features. Two systems are different from one another not just on the development level but even in terms of design and marketing strategy. Sure, you’ll have some upfront costs when you build, develop, and launch your app. The four main types of mobile ads are interstitial ads, banner ads, in-app video ads, and native ads. Mobile apps are a great way for business owners to make improvements to their company. They are also the perfect platform if you think that your idea will be the next big hit, like Instagram or Snapchat.

Collaborate with skilled developers and marketers whom you will later pay a share from revenues. These statistics indicate that any app on your phone is more likely to be free than paid. But app developers need to make money, which leads to the monetization methods we’ll show you.

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However, there are more creative and difficult methods that we’ll talk about. You’ve arrived at the right article that’ll give you answers. We’ll show you the different monetization methods for free apps and how Adsterra can help you implement them. If you want to launch your business application as a minimum viable product in tight deadlines and with a limited budget, the iOS app may be the way to go.

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From a marketing point of view, companies want to pay for displaying ads to the most relevant audience. So if you can gather enough relevant data, then you can have a way to make a profit out of it. If you have a question about how to make money creating apps for Android, please feel free to look at the below image to get the information about monetization strategy. Another point worth mentioning is that Android developers spend approximately 28% more time developing their apps than iOS.

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Prior to developing an mobile app, you’ll want to be clear of what you’re trying to achieve in terms of business goals. Is it an attempt android and iOS app development to increase brand awareness by getting as many downloads as possible? If so, the paid subscription model may not be the best approach.

In my experience, while there are more users on Android, iOS users are 4-5x more likely to pay – so 2-4x more revenue. There is definitely no shortage of iOS apps or iOS developers. You’ll want to balance cost, profitability, and time-to-market.