The production of injection molds for plastic materials is one of the most delicate step of the entire process. Infact, manufacturing a mold requires extreme precision since hundred thousands or even millions pieces will be produced from it. Supported by our long experience e by CAD-CAM latest generation systems, we translate your ideas into accurate and reliable realities. Our workshop is specialized at manufacturing injection molds for plastic material and performing any kind of mechanical processing. We’ve also widen our horizons to further productions such as molds for rubber, die casting, hot melting and more.

CNC numerical controlled milling machines for any metalworking, ferrous and non-ferrous, used for the molds manufacture and provided with a PC interface to drive the remote processing. All machines are also equipped with automatic detection of the real tool diameters.

Wire-Cut EDM. Numerical controlled machines for mechanical working and molds manufacture, for ferrous material (steel) and non-ferrous material, metal only. It works like a fretsaw through a wire with an extremely small diameter (0,1/0,25 mm) which cuts a specific shape drawn on a PC.

Plunge EDM. CNC milling machine that erodes the steel through a controlled electrical discharge to give to the tools specific shapes particularly difficult to create with other machine tools.

Top of CNC milling machine since 2018, is a 5-axis machining centre Haas which allows faster, more accurate and continuos processing.
The term “5-axis” refers to the number of directions in which the cutting tool can move. On a 5-axis machining center, the cutting tool moves across the X, Y and Z linear axes as well as rotates on the A and B axes to approach the workpiece from any direction. In other words, you can process five sides of a part in a single setup.
This technology raises the limits on the types of part geometries you can machine. By empowering you to produce highly complex components in a single setup, 5-axis machines unbridle the imaginations of your engineers and redefine your overall capabilities.

5-Axis Machining Benefits

  • Machine complex shapes in a single setup for increased productivity
  • Save time and money with less fixture preparation
  • Boost throughput and cash flow, while shortening lead times
  • Higher part accuracy because the workpiece does not move across multiple workstations
  • Ability to use shorter cutting tools for higher cutting speeds and less tool vibrations
  • Achieve superior surface finishes and overall better part quality